P0002 Engine Trouble Code

Meaning of P0002 engine trouble code is a kind of powertrain trouble code and P0002 if your catalytic convertor fails completely, you eventually won't be able to keep the car running. Your gas mileage will also be terrible, so you should try and fix it as soon as you can. Unfortunately, the average replacement cost is around $2,140 and you can't do it yourself unless you're an experienced mechanic.

P0002 Engine Trouble Code
OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code For Engine Intake Valve Control Solenoid Circuit Low Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Cold Start Injector 1 Malfunction Glow Plug/Heater Circuit 'A' Malfunction


P0002 OBD-II Trouble Code Description

P0002 OBD-II Trouble Code Fuel Volume Regulator Control Circuit Range/Performance is the generic definition for the P0002; however your vehicles manufacturer may have a different definition for the P0002 code. P0002 code


P0002 Possible Causes


  1. Faulty Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Control Solenoid
  2. Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Solenoid harness is open or shorted
  3. Fuel Volume Regulator (FVR) Solenoid circuit poor electrical connection.    

P0002 Fault Symptoms :


  • Check engine light comes on
  • Engine stalling or misfiring
  • Engine performance issues
  • Car not starting

Main reason For P0002 Code

The reason of P0002 OBD-II Engine Trouble Code is Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Low.
P0002 the main thing to check is to verify the operation of the VCT solenoid. You're looking for a sticking or stuck VCt solenoid valve caused by contamination. Refer to vehicle specific repair manual to perform component tests for the VCT unit.